RCK-DCS - RCK Digital Cluster System

The RCK Digital Cluster System is a DX-Cluster-System specially for digital online spots (RTTY, PSK31, PSK63, ...) feeded by the RCKskimmer user around the world and RBN.
Digital spots are distributed in real time.


The address is:       dl4rck.ham-radio-op.net   on   Port:  8000 


The used software behind this cluster system (named RCKserver) is developed by Walter, DL4RCK as "add-on" for the RCKskimmer user.


Use your daily Cluster Program (PuTTY, dxTelnet, N1MM, RCKLog, Wintest, DX Monitor, BandMap, ....) to connect to the RCK-DCS and get the real time spots.


Please donate the hosting of this system!


RCKserver, RCK-DCS RCKserver, RCK-DCS

To be detected by the RCKskimmer software and posted here on the RCK-DCS use the following setup in your CQ-call or confirmation-call in a contest.


The CQ/DE-detection of RCKskimmer is working as follow:


- CQ/DE detection in front of the call:
      "CQ DL4RCK "       (CQ)
      "CQ DE DL4RCK "    (CQ) 
      "CQDX DL4RCK "     (CQ) 
      "TEST DL4RCK "         (CQ)
           "CQDX DE DL4RCK "    (CQ)
           "TEST DE DL4RCK "     (CQ)
           ".... DE DL4RCK "        (DE)
  - CQ detection behind the call:
      "... DL4RCK QRZ " 
      "... DL4RCK QRZ? "
      "... TU DL4RCK CQ "
      "... TU DL4RCK QRZ "
      "... TU DL4RCK QRZ? "
      "... TU DL4RCK TEST "
      "... QSL DL4RCK CQ "
      "... QSL DL4RCK QRZ "
      "... QSL DL4RCK QRZ? "
      "... QSL DL4RCK TEST "
      "... DE DL4RCK CQ "
      "... DE DL4RCK QRZ "
      "... DE DL4RCK QRZ? "
      "... DE DL4RCK TEST "
      "... CFM DL4RCK CQ "
      "... DL4RCK UP "


DL4RCK Cluster System Block-Diagram

DL4RCK Cluster System

User-Connect:               dl4rck.ham-radio-op.net:8000   (OUT: all spots, depending on filter)

RCKskimmer-Connect:   dl4rck.ham-radio-op.net:8001   (IN: only for RCKskimmer)

User/Cluster-Connect:    dl4rck.ham-radio-op.net:8002   (OUT: only RCKskimmer dig. spots)


Useful Filter:

Set Dx Filter comment=*RTTY* or comment=*PSK*    -> Only RTTY/PSK spots (Standard)
Set Dx Filter comment=*RTTY*                                  -> Only RTTY spots
Set Dx Filter comment=*PSK*                                    -> Only PSK spots
Set Dx Filter mode=CW                                              -> Only CW spots including skimmer
Set DX Filter Not Skimmer                                          -> No skimmer spots
Set Dx Filter                                                              -> All CW/RTTY/PSK incl. skimmer

Sh filter                                                                     -> show your current filter setup